When are we open?

Pretty much 365 days per year – we do close for a few days over Christmas but that’s all, and we are open for all other public holidays. The kitchen is open every day from 11:00 to 23:00 (24:00 on Fridays & Saturdays). Our café is open for hot drinks, homemade muffins, fresh bread, boller with filling and treats from 8:00 Mon-Fri.

Do we take bookings?

YES! Bookings for the same day we recommend you call us on +45 22 27 58 98 preferably before 17.00

For advance bookings please email info@mother.dk with your request. If you want to be certain of a table, especially at popular times and on busy nights, you should pre-book at least a few days in advance. We do not normally take advance bookings over the phone, we much prefer that you email us so that we both have it in writing.

Do you need to book?

Not really. Always feel free to show up! Perhaps you were told that we are not taking anymore bookings, and that you should just come along? If we have a free table it’s yours, especially if you come early or leave it until later in the night. There may be space on a sharing table for instance.

If you oddest get a table right away, we can put you on the waiting list. Then it’s up to you if you want to have a drink in our cocktail bar or outside if the weather is nice. We will give you our best guess as to how long it’s going to be (taking in mind that we are all human beings involved so nothing is certain). Then you can decide how you want to play it. We do not normally take any bookings after 19.30 so that our guests know they can just come along and still get a table. Everyone fits in eventually is our claim ;)

Can you book a table outside?

Because of weather-dependence we do not take bookings for the outside tables, these are only on a first come first served basis. The outside tables are for sharing so be prepared for that. We have awnings (marcise) sheltering approximately half of the tables but the rest are open to the elements – the good, and the bad.

What about our brunch?

We serve a brunch buffet on Saturday & Sunday (and also on any official public holidays) from 11:00 until 15:00. At these times we do not offer any other menus. We have two sittings at 11:00 and again at 12:30 which we take bookings for and after that it is freestyle – just turn up!

Brunch is buffet style and includes our trademark sourdough pizzas by the slice. There is a separate ‘breakfast room’ with homemade muffins, fruit, muesli, yoghurt, fresh baked bread and nutella etc as well as unlimited fruit juice and mineral water.

Cheeses, sliced cold cuts, and a range of savoury dishes are on offer (roasted vegetables, tonno e fagioli, pasta salads, lentils, caprese and so on..). You can come as many times as you like and no one leaves hungry that’s for sure.

The cost is 175 dkk per person. This includes mineral water & juice. For kids the price is a bit different:

From 0-3 years are free

From 4-7 years the cost is 60 dkk.

From 8-12 years the cost is 85 dkk.

What about larger groups?

Like most restaurants Mother does have a booking policy about larger groups (seven or more). We ask you to take a minimum of two courses each which normally amounts to a commitment of around 200 dkk per guest. For groups this is a requirement to make a definite booking. We have a limited number of larger tables and these tend to get booked up, so thinking ahead is advisable. Timeslots for these tables are 18:00 (or 18:30) until 20:30 or 20:30 onwards (and if you book at 20:30 you will have the table for the rest of the night until we close at 01:00).

Do we do take away?

All our food is available to take out. The prices are the same so we really do recommend that you eat in (or just outside) the house. Our pizzas don’t like living in a box basically.

Do we do catering?

Yeah sure, just send us your request to info@mother.dk (preferably some time in advance) and we will make you a deal.

How about vegetarians?

We think Mother is pretty friendly for you. There are quite a few choices and even more that can be customised a little to make them vegetarian. We can also accommodate vegans easily although the choice is a little less. Our dough is made without milk & eggs and most of our pizzas can easily be made without cheese.

Do we do gluten light/gluten free?

Our ten-year old sourdough culture (the ‘mother’ dough that informs our name) eats a lot of the gluten content so we see our pizza as being beneficial to the gluten intolerant – but of course it is not suitable for those with real gluten issues (sympathies to you guys). We do always have a few options that are completely gluten free and the kitchen will be creative in making you a special dish but please be aware that the choice is somewhat limited.

Are kids welcome?

Yes! Mother is a good place for families. There isn’t a children’s menu as such but most kids like pizza and we normally suggest a smaller-sized one for the bambini. We have high chairs. You can breast-feed. There is some (limited) space for strollers and we have big windows along the whole frontage so you can keep an eye if you need to leave your stroller or little one outside.

Aperitivo alla Milanese

We make our aperitivo every Friday from 17:00-18:00 in the cocktail bar.

This is a small “help yourself” buffet with a range of savoury snacks and small pizzas that comes included in the price of your first drink – 100dkk for a cocktail, beer, glass of wine, or soft drink.

Do we do giftcards?

Sure, just come along in person and we will make one for you the spot :)