People say that Italian food is all about an ingenious use of really good ingredients, and we try to keep to that sentiment. David is Roman and is passionate about what is correct and what is not, and we all bow to him on this. Authentic Carbonara, with guanciale, not bacon. And who mentioned cream?! The right temperature for Porchetta? Lukewarm apparently. White lasagne?? He puts us straight.

Every morning begins by firing up the oven with fresh wood to roast vegetables for the antipasti and to cook our daily specials. A couple of rustic all-in-one dishes that are made, devoured, and gone. Our idea is to stick to restaurant basics. Simple, direct, homey food, cooked with love.

Later in the day we intensify the heat for cooking Mother’s sourdough pizzas. The sourdough is a creature, something wild. You don’t own it you think you might but actually it owns you.Think about having a leopard as a pet. And that is our Mother.